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How to Build a Holistic Climate Strategy for Your Business
Climate strategies are the new industry standard. New regulations such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will make sustainability reporting mandatory for around 55,000 EU companies. How do you get started? Creating a holistic climate strategy and taking climate action requires only four simple steps.
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All You Need to Know About the Corporate Carbon Footprint
These days, an increasing number of companies are pursuing ambitious carbon reduction targets towards carbon neutrality. However, a systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is only possible if emission intensive hotspots can be identified and quantified. Accordingly, businesses can take a closer look at their Corporate Carbon Footprint with the goal of calculating the main emitters of their company. 
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Standards and Methods for a Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation
Carbon reporting is increasingly developing to being an essential part of non-financial reporting by companies. Various standards ensure the comparability of carbon footprints. ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol Standards are particularly relevant for carbon calculations of the corporate carbon footprint.
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How to Analyse the Carbon Footprint of Your Company
The first step on the way to a carbon neutral company is to calculate the carbon footprint of your company. Carbon accounting gives you the opportunity to set up a new KPI for the management in your company and to become a pioneer for a climate-neutral economy.
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How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint
Have you ever come across the term carbon offsetting? Numerous businesses worldwide already offset their carbon emissions. We are going to explain what carbon offsetting actually means, how it works and how you can achieve carbon neutrality by supporting a variety of climate action projects.
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How to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Your Company
Many companies are already interested in implementing quick and effective measures to reduce their carbon footprint. We have prepared a checklist to help you implement the right measures to effectively reduce carbon emissions in your company.
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How Insurance Companies Can Successfully Tackle Climate Change

The effects of climate change present insurance companies with a variety of new uncertainties. The good news: insurers are predestined pioneers here. They have the opportunity to truly lead the way in helping to build a more sustainable economy and at the same time reduce their own risk exposure.