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4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About COP26
In the run up to the COP26 conference, we summarised the most important things your company should know.
The EU Taxonomy: A Quick Guide for Your Business
The EU Taxonomy is a common classification system, providing a list of “green” and “sustainable” economic activities, and is a key element of the EU Action Plan for Sustainable Finance.
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The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: Is your business affected?
The European Commission has recently announced plans for a common European reporting standard - the CSRD.
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ESG Reporting 101: All You Need to Know & How to Get Started
It is only a matter of time until your business will have to start reporting on ESG-related matters.
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UK Carbon Reporting: Why It Matters for Your Company & How to Report
UK businesses will need to quickly get to grips with carbon reporting and identify and reduce their emissions.
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Planetly is now certified by TÜV Rheinland
Planetly’s Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) calculation methodology has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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How Insurance Companies Can Successfully Tackle Climate Change

The effects of climate change present insurance companies with a variety of new uncertainties. The good news: insurers are predestined pioneers here. They have the opportunity to truly lead the way in helping to build a more sustainable economy and at the same time reduce their own risk exposure.