Smart Carbon Management

Our Climate Impact Manager makes it easy for your business to analyse, reduce and offset emissions.

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Calculate Your Company's Carbon Footprint in Real-Time

Calculate your company’s carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to bring carbon transparency into your entire operations, including your supply chain.

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Set Reduction Targets
& Reduce Your Emissions

Develop a holistic reduction strategy and set ambitious reduction targets in line with the latest climate science to successfully reduce your carbon footprint.

Dive Into Carbon Reduction for Businesses

Offset Your Emissions with Certified Projects

Offset any residual emissions that you cannot yet reduce or avoid by supporting high-impact and certified climate action projects across the world.

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ESG Portfolio Manager

ESG Portfolio Management
for Investors

Planetly’s ESG Portfolio Manager enables financial
investors to implement fully-compliant ESG reporting
and management for their investment portfolio.

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One Platform for All Your
Carbon Management Needs

Customisable Set-Up

Customise the software to your company's needs, including advanced entity models for large multi-national organisations.

Intelligent Data Collection

Upload your own files or connect to your internal systems via integrations and avoid repetitive data entry.

Collaboration Features

Easily involve teams across departments and locations and track the progress of your data collection.

Automatic Full-Scope Calculations

Your emissions are calculated and updated in real-time across scope 1, 2 and 3, in line with the GHG Protocol.

Actionable Insights

Track your emissions in one interactive dashboard, identify emission hotspots and compare benchmarks.

Target  Setting & Tracking

Set company-wide science-based reduction targets and track your performance over time.

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About Planetly

We are very pleased to have taken the step towards carbon neutral production together with Planetly in 2021. 🍻

We promote responsible and sustainable tourism. 🧳 In the process, we eliminate our company’s and our travellers’ ecological footprint. For this mission we have chosen Planetly as a partner.

Social responsibility is important to FRIDAY. Together with Planetly we are actively engaged in driving climate action.

We are aware of our social responsibility. That is why we are voluntarily committed to climate action. With Planetly, we have an innovative and energetic partner at our side. 🚀

One of my motivations for starting a company was to have an impact that goes beyond the employees and the company. Planetly supported us in understanding how we can reduce our carbon footprint and take climate action.

For the whole team at Banxware, it was only natural for us to start directly on the path to carbon neutrality. The Planetly team supports us throughout this process and helps us to get a little better every day.

The structured and easy process with Planetly was a great help in achieving carbon neutrality for Recare.

Through the collaboration with Planetly, we know exactly what Claneo's carbon footprint looks like and can take appropriate measures to further reduce it.

As a digitalisation partner, we believe that environmental protection and digitalisation go hand in hand. We would like to thank Planetly for their great support.

Planetly accompanied us through the process of becoming a carbon neutral operation. In every call we had with Planetly, we felt the dedication and passion of each of their employees.

Thanks to Planetly, Penta is operating carbon neutral since 2020. Our customers can rest assured that with Penta they have their CFO of the future: digital and carbon neutral. 💳

Everyone is talking about decarbonisation. Together with Planetly, we have embarked on a journey to do our part. The cooperation with the Planetly team worked very well.

With Planetly, we found an innovative and experienced partner. I am particularly enthusiastic about our individual climate action portfolio which also includes local projects that we particularly care about. 🌳

Together with Planetly, we have taken an important step towards our goal of not only helping our customers achieve greater sustainability, but also reducing our own carbon footprint.

We’re aware that our daily business has a carbon footprint that we would like to bring to zero. With Planetly, we've found a partner that supports us in measuring, developing and implementing initiatives to reduce our CO2.

As a company, we have the ambition to lead by example in all aspects of sustainability, including carbon neutrality. Planetly has greatly supported us in this endeavour.

To fight climate change, there is no “clean-up feature” or Photoshop magic wand we can use to make the world better again. 🧹 We have decided to professionalise our CO2 management with Planetly.

Planetly’s Climate Impact Manager provides us with actionable insights drawn from our emissions data - allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives and climate action.

Planetly made it easy for us to understand our climate impact and gave us the possibility to analyse the whole range, from our offices to our products and distribution. 📦

With Planetly as a partner, we were able to analyse our carbon footprint and can now develop sustainable reduction measures to make a positive impact. 🌍

With Planetly as a partner, we were able to analyse our carbon footprint and can now develop sustainable reduction measures to make a positive impact. 🌍

Our cooperation with Planetly went flawlessly and their competence in modelling CO2 emissions especially impressed us.

With the help of Planetly, we brought transparency into the ESG performance of our portfolio. And it was much easier than I expected! 🙌

Planetly has supported us very professionally and helped us in particular to understand our carbon drivers “transport logistics” and “goods distribution” in the best possible way. 🛋️

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