Bring more sustainability into your

Holistic Carbon Management for

Asset Managers
Private Equity Fonds
Venture Capital Fonds

With Planetly's software, you get a SFDR-compliant ESG analysis of your investment portfolio with a focus on carbon emissions.

Why you should act now?

86% of company emissions in financial services

can be attributed to scope 3 emissions such as external partners and your portfolio

ESG disclosures are already mandatory today

for asset managers and other financial market participants according to the SFDR

A strong ESG position facilitates top-line growth

and helps companies tap new markets and expand into existing ones

Others from your industry
who joined our movement

“With the help of Planetly, we brought transparency into the ESG performance of our portfolio. And it was much easier than I expected! Their focus on a deep environmental CO2 footprint analysis with concrete steps to reducing the footprint was very much appreciated by portfolio companies and our LPs.”


Planetly Makes Your Carbon Management Easy

Analyse your business-critical emission drivers

Calculate emissions from your own operations and emissions attributed to your portfolio companies. Fill any data gaps with powerful industry benchmarks and publicly available data for full carbon transparency.

Reduce emissions across your business & portfolio

We help you develop high-impact reduction strategies for yourself and your portfolio companies. Inspire and assist your portfolio on their journey towards carbon neutrality and drive long-term reduction of emissions.

Achieve compliance with the latest climate regulations

Create carbon transparency and share your actions, goals and achievements in line with sustainability regulations, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

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Work with advanced analytics & benchmarks by segment or entity
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Micha Schildmann
Head of Enterprise Solutions & Partnerships
Benedikt Franke

“With Planetly, we found an innovative and experienced partner to put this into practice. I am particularly enthusiastic about our individual climate action portfolio which also includes local projects that we particularly care about."

“Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. We want to be part of the solution and not only reduce our own footprint, but also encourage our portfolio and our network to rethink in a sustainable way.”

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Gain transparency

Simplify your data collection and start analysing your portfolio companies with our software to drive sustainability across your investments.

Kick off your climate action

Benchmark your portfolio companies, understand the risks and start the decarbonisation of your investments through high-impact reduction measures.

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