8returns Enables Climate-Friendly Returns

8returns is the operating system for returns. With 8returns, online shops can easily digitise their returns process. No more paper forms or emails to customer service. The customer can now easily process returns online and enjoys more transparency and flexibility. And the environment benefits from less waste.

Together with Planetly, 8returns offsets all returns processed via the returns portal: 8returns offsets all emissions that are generated when returns are sent. The company helps retailers to understand what, when and why certain items are returned in order to reduce returns in the long term.

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About 8returns

Background & Objectives

8returns aims to optimise the customer loyalty of online shops with a smooth returns experience. Online shopping is all about convenience - returns are part of that and should therefore be just as convenient and smooth.

From the very beginning, 8returns has placed value on sustainability. With 8returns' smart returns solution, returns can be avoided where possible. The returns portal can be set up so that customers can only return an item if it is eligible for return. This means fewer returns, which is good for the environment.

With 8returns, all returns are easily handled online. No more paper return slips and shipping labels. Based on a set of dynamic rules, historical data, costs and condition, each return can also be recycled in the best possible way. Items that would have to be disposed of for economic reasons in the case of a return can now stay directly with the customer or be donated.

Planetly supports 8returns in offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by shipping the remaining returns.

“We are convinced that returns can be easier. Easier for online shops. Easier for customers. Online shopping does not have to happen at the expense of the environment. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for today's consumers. It is time to act. Our solution increases customer satisfaction. In addition, 8returns helps to reduce the environmental impact of returns.”

CLimate action

8returns Offsets CO2 Emissions Caused by Returns

8returns supports various projects worldwide that address the challenges of climate change.

In Rwanda, 8returns supports access to clean drinking water through well construction and maintenance. Access to clean water has numerous positive impacts on local communities: in addition to reduced dependence on firewood, it also leads to a reduction in the smoke-related health risks associated with the use of traditional 3-stone cooking stoves. By reducing the time women spend fetching water, the project also contributes to improving gender equality.

With the wind power projects in India, 8returns supports the feeding of additional renewable energy into the power grids in India to reduce energy-related emissions and the resulting air pollution from fossil fuel power plants. The project activities also build local expertise for the operation of modern wind power plants.

The climate action projects supported by 8returns meet the highest quality requirements and standards, including the Gold Standard and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations.

Clean Water

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Wind Energy

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Wind Energy
Project Gujarat

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8returns - More Than an Operating System for Returns

The future of e-commerce will be circular. The vision of 8returns is to build the operating system for circular commerce. With just a few clicks, every retailer can become part of the circular economy. Returns are the first step.