wefox Becomes the First Carbon Neutral Digital Insurance Unicorn

wefox is a digital all-in-one insurance solution, offering the insurance ecosystem of the future. wefox redefines insurance making people be safe. Insurance combined with today's Zeitgeist! Insurance. But simple.

As of 2020, wefox partnered with Planetly for their journey to carbon neutrality. Through the collaboration, wefox gained transparency on their corporate carbon footprint and identified important levers for reduction and climate action.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin (DE), Barcelona (ES), Warsaw (PL), Paris (FR), Vienna (AT), Zurich (CH), Tessin (CH), Roggwil (CH), Vevey (CH), Vaduz (LI) & Milan (IT)
Carbon Footprint:
1,080 t
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Analysis Period

Background & Objectives

Insurers and tech companies, consultants and programmers, dreamers and doers, misunderstood geniuses and bold rebels – a collective of experts from all disciplines forms the team of wefox. They all have one thing in common: The vision of changing the world for the better.

wefox firmly believes that insurance protects what matters most to us. It is about lives and livelihoods and about better chances. That is why wefox also wants to take a stance on climate action – for all of us.

To achieve that, wefox is committed to reduce its environmental footprint and support compensation projects for the remaining emissions left. As part of this engagement, wefox is currently working on a thorough sustainability strategy. Protecting the environment and our climate are essential parts of this strategy and wefox is committed to become a carbon neutral insurance company. Planetly is happy to accompany wefox on this journey.

“wefox’ mission is to make people be safe. This goes hand in hand with going easy on resources to keep our planet, as well as the air we breathe, clean and safe. Therefore, we offset CO2 emissions by planting trees, as well as supporting environmental charity projects which allows us to do our part to protect the planet. For us, insurance and sustainability are not unrelated. Our digital products are eco-friendly because almost all of the internal processes at wefox are already automated.”



's Carbon Footprint

To calculate wefox’ carbon footprint we looked at all corporate activities across their locations in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich, Tessin, Roggwil, Vevey, Vaduz and Milan.

Following the methodology of the GHG Protocol standard, wefox’ carbon footprint includes direct and energy-related emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) as well as emissions generated by service providers and purchased products and services (scope 3).

This includes, for example, office & building emissions, customer and employee emissions as well as emissions from external service providers and events.


Analysis Results

As an international company with no physical products, the majority of wefox’ carbon emissions were caused by business travel and the daily employee commute to work. The second biggest share of wefox’ carbon footprint comes from office operations such as heating and electricity in their office buildings. Emissions also occur from external service providers wefox uses, such as consulting, insurance, auditing, telecommunication, and IT.

982.3 t
t CO2e
total carbon emissions
746.8 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Business travel & commute
128.2 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Office operations & equipment
94.8 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
External service providers

wefox Is Committed to Reduce & Avoid Emissions Long-Term

wefox is committed to reduce and avoid emissions wherever possible. The company therefore already offers public transport subsidies to all employees.

wefox also encourages their customers to protect our climate. In cooperation with “grün versichert”, wefox plants a tree for every “green” wefox Insurance policy purchased by customers.
In the future, wefox will work on reducing its carbon footprint by limiting business travel & encouraging its employees to use more climate friendly transportation methods.

CLimate action

wefox Takes Climate Action

While reduction and avoidance are key for wefox, emissions can currently not be fully avoided for some areas. wefox therefore decided to offset their carbon footprint for 2019 by supporting certified climate action projects that tackle climate change.

The first project of wefox’s climate action portfolio protects the Peruvian rainforest. The Rainforest Protection REDD+ project initiated voluntary conservation agreements with local families in  exchange for training, organisational capacity building, Fair Trade certification and market linkages that have transformed their livelihoods. In Rwanda, wefox supports access to clean drinking water through well construction and maintenance. The project significantly improves local hygiene and health conditions, reduces the dependence on firewood and ensures more equality between women and men. As a third project, wefox chose a biogas project in the Netherlands which generates electricity through effective waste management. Whilst providing local households and institutions with affordable and clean energy, a significant contribution is also made to the local economy as new sustainable economic opportunities are created within the rural area.

All projects were carefully selected by Planetly and are certified by the highest standards, including the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Andean Amazon REDD+ Project Peru


Clean Water Project Rwanda


Biogas Project Netherlands