Introducing: The Planetly Community

Even though there are now many innovations and exciting solutions to make the business world more sustainable, there are still many questions and challenges for companies when it comes to changing their own business models to net-zero emissions.

This is not an exception but perfectly okay as sustainability is a journey and cannot be implemented overnight. To support you on this journey, we have developed the Planetly Community and are pleased to announce that it will be launched on June 1st. 

But what exactly is the Planetly Community there for? 

A place for exchange

Even if there are some difficulties in implementing sustainability, the most important thing is not to get discouraged and to remember that you are not alone: 

Nearly all companies face similar challenges on their journey to net-zero which is why exchange is indispensable. Whether it is the exchange with qualified consultancies or simply with the company that has its office next door. The Planetly Community is a place where this exchange can take place making conversations and mutual help possible without having to be geographically close to the other companies. 

We want to stimulate discussions and encourage members to help each other - just as you were brainstorming with colleagues during a coffee break. This interaction is encouraged through regular online events such as our Member Spotlight format,  where selected companies will talk about their own net-zero journey, followed by an open Q&A session to enable a lively exchange. 

So let's embark together on the journey to net-zero.

A place where problems are solved 

Sometimes, however, other companies can't help either and more professional help is needed. Maybe it's also about questions about our carbon management software, which of course can be solved with the help of our Planeteers. We want to give you a place where you can quickly and easily get answers to your questions. Our community moderators are there to help you solve your problems. 

You are just starting to work with our software? Then why not take a look at our video library where you can find numerous short tutorials helping you with the first steps.

Of course, over time we have noticed problems and difficulties that often come up. That's why you also have the opportunity to participate in live sessions with our Planeteers from Customer Success or Customer Support, who will give you tips on a specific topic and are happy to answer your questions afterwards. These online events are also recorded and can be found in our video library. 

A place for exciting content

But the community is more than that. We believe that it is important to keep learning and to stay up to date. There are so many new developments, figures and facts to understand or new tips to learn every day when you decide to integrate sustainability into your business. 

Furthermore, it is important to us that despite many difficulties, you have fun when making the net-zero journey and that you believe in it and in yourself. Because that is the only way it can work. We want to make your net-zero journey as pleasant as possible, giving you a smile when answering some funny questions about yourself or reading some motivating words to start the week. 

That’s why we provide you with new content on a daily basis: You can find everything from entertaining get-to-know questions to interesting facts about corporate sustainability or tips on how to reduce the carbon footprint of your company easily in your daily business.

We are looking forward to welcoming you hopefully soon in the Planetly Community, having exciting exchanges and conversations with you. You can find the link for registration here.

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